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Siêu Anh Hùng Phá Hoại (Phần 4) Trailer
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Siêu Anh Hùng Phá Hoại (Phần 4)

The Boys (Season 4)

60 phút/tập

Đang phát: Tập 5

Tập mới nhất: 543

Quốc gia: Âu Mỹ

Đạo diễn: Shana Stein

Diễn viên: Antony StarrChace CrawfordDominique McElligottErin MoriartyJack QuaidJessie T. UsherKaren FukuharaKarl UrbanLaz Alonsoתומר קאפון

Thể loại: Hành Động, Khoa Học, Phiêu Lưu, Viễn Tưởng

0/ 5 0 lượt
Vietsub #1
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The world is on the brink. Victoria Neuman is closer than ever to the Oval Office and under Homelander's muscly thumb as he consolidates his power. Butcher, with only months to live, has lost Becca's son, and his job as The Boys' leader. The rest of the team are fed up with his lies. With the stakes higher than ever, they must find a way to work together and save the world before it's too late.

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